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At City College we aim to help all our students realize their full potential. If you feel you need any additional support relating to physical, medical or learning needs, we are here to help. Please disclose any relevant support needs you may have.

Students who may have a special requirement e. g loss of hearing or visual impairment or learning disability are encouraged to identify their need and provide City College with documentation from the Hamad Medical Corporation from the BTEC awarding body should this be necessary.

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City College accepts provisional applications from students, including placement testing and interviews for prospective candidates. By signing this application form, you hereby grant City College your authorization to process your application, for the purpose of con- firming your place only. Our institution is committed to proceeding with your academic enrolment once placement testing and interviews are completed and accordingly, payment of fees will be required. City College reserves the right to change programs but all students will be informed in advance of any change.

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